An Injustice to inspiration…

We all grow up with different circumstances, some have fathers and some may not. Others have money and others are poor. In my case, I have not had the constant presence of Grandparents in my life. But, don’t let that fool you, I am rich in a relationship with the best Grandparents one could possibly ask for. Yes, God’s will split us apart to live on two different sides of the country. We have not been in each other’s lives as much as either of us would have prefered, but we have not let this hinder our ability of having a relationship. As it may have been thin in past years, the bond is as strong as it has ever been and grows stronger each time the sun breaches the mountains on the east.

I returned yesterday from a trip, which I consider one of the most satisfying decisions I have ever made. After 25 long years, I visited my Grandparents in the beautiful state of Louisiana. The land is green and is painted with history from top to bottom. The people are made up of the most genuine and sincere people this 37-year-old man has ever met. Their smiles are real, their grace is impenetrable, and their desire to help the fellow-man is undeniable.

My Grandmother is of small stature but has heart of a titan. She is sweet and one of the most loving individuals I know. She truly enjoys the time she spends with her family. With that said, I cannot help but to feel overly protective of her after learning of things that those she loves have done to her. When I left Louisiana, I promised myself that I will never let another soul on this planet hurt her, take advantage of her, or bring any negativity in her direction. She has a curiosity of life that is bursting at the seams but stands firm and beautifully connected to the things that she holds true to her heart. She is beautiful in every way and should be held in high regard by all those who have ever had the blessing of meeting her. I Love Her unconditionally, from the deepest part of my heart.

My Grandfather is a man of brilliance. He is an educator in his own right and provides insight on all things that require a mindful decisions. He silently governs his environment with strength and will, combined with a lifetime of experiences that all men should listen too. He may not know it, but his experiences that he shares with me, inspire me for a couple of reasons. First, I know no man who has the ability to describe his own experiences in such detail, to a thirsty ear. His experiences as a child are enough to break any man, yet he remains a shinning star for even the wisest men to follow. Second, he is a man with conviction. He takes all things into consideration, mistakes or not and turns them into a learning experiences. Finally, he is an all around amazing man. He is not only talented in his communication, but an amazing writer, thus this blog posting is An Injustice to his inspiration on me. He can be rest assured that every single word he has recorded online or on a written page will be put into form for further generations (even if only family) to read, so that they understand where their family patriarch came from. This I promise to him.

So, I close this post and simply say to my grandparents; I love you both more than you know and I thank you for everything.






The song I was listening too while writing this post:

Infinity (Original Mix)
By: Vargo


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