Christmas is for kids, or is it?

Christmas has passed and I must say it could not have passed any sooner. No, I am not against Christmas and believe me when I say I truly love Christmas, but my Christmas spirit was non-existent this year. When I was a child, I could not sleep on Christmas Eve simply because I could not wait to open my gifts that Santa Claus would leave for us. When we would wake up, my brother and I would run to the living room to see crumbs left over from the cookies we left for old Saint Nick. A half a glass of milk would be left from the full glass we left him, assuring us that he stopped at our house. There was nothing like it! It was the best feeling in the world that was helped out by Christmas lights on houses weeks before and beautiful decorations throughout the local malls. But now… I stay as far away from the malls as possible and the tree (which is normally put up the day after Thanksgiving) did not go up until only days before. As an Adult I now sleep in on Christmas day only hoping the day lasts forever, because I do not want to go back to work.

It just blows me away how life is tossed upside down when you are enthralled with the need for an education and a career. Once we are established, career becomes the ever calling subconscious push in our lives. We forget about the small things in life. We disregard the beauty of the earth and spend more time looking at our bank accounts than the simplicity and beauty of life. Is this a bad thing? I feel it is, but finding that balance between career and life tends to be the most difficult part of becoming an adult. Christmas is nothing but another day and life is nothing but a capsule in which we conduct only what we are told we should (education and career).

With all that said, there is one thing that I look forward to most in this world. That is, the birth of our child. As we do not have any children yet, I feel that the Christmas spirit and the recognition of the simplicity of life will be reborn. We will look at this world through a different pair of eyes and live once again, as we once did…through the eyes of a child. As parents we can provide the belief in Santa Claus and expose our children to the things that we may have missed along the way. We can only do what we can as parents to provide our child with the appreciation for life while making them understand the importance of education and career. It’s a fine balance, but a challenge I look forward too.

Merry Christmas Everyone, may Christmas be as simple and enjoyable as it once was for all of you.


A cute little video of a child receiving books for Christmas! Pooo!


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