The Book of Eli…

Today I have been in this odd / really down mood.  A mood where nothing really matters, a more patient mood and one that just makes me feel a little detached from the world.  In the somberness of this mood, I sat down to watch a movie I was not excited about.  But, since it sat in the little red netflix envelope on our fireplace mantel for the past three weeks, I figured what the heck.

Knowing The Book of Eli took place in a post apocalyptic time, I was turned off by it.  I’m not a huge fan of post apocalyptic stories.  But, it received a lot of good reviews, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt and watched it.  Suprisingly, I could not have been more pleasantly surprised with how good the movie was.  It was not a Hollywood classic, but rather it was a movie that got the mind flowing with passion.  If you have not seen it, do not read any further as I am about to speak on the story line…

It was about the Holy Bible and it’s place after a nuclear holocaust.  All the bibles were burned and some how were destroyed during the nuclear holocaust.  There was one Bible left on the planet and only one man was in possession of it, Eli (Denzel Washington).  When he was young  he heard a voice tell him the Bible needs to be put into the right hands, so that it can be usefull and the words be heard.  He spent 30 years walking across the country, finding himself San Francisco.  He ultimately got the bible in the right hands, but paid for it with his life.

This movie really got me thinking about how influential the Bible truly is.  Without it, society would be at a disarray.  If you think about it, society is completely based on religion in one form or another and from one religion to another.  Wars have been fought over it and millions have died due it’s scripture.  Think about today’s world conflicts;  They are mainly based on religion and one’s idea of it.  It influences our lives, the way we treat one another, it sets standards on how one should be compassionate for thy neighbor, and ultimately provides us with a way to live together in harmony.  Of course, harmony is not how everyone lives, but if one truly accepts some type of peaceful religion in their life, their life will change dramatically.

I was raised Catholic and now attend a Christian church.  I am not a person who will say what religion is good or bad, as I am in the belief that if you follow a particular religion that provides you with good morals and makes you a better person, then it’s a good religion to follow.  It was his faith and moral obligation that drove the character in the movie (Eli) across the country on foot,  to release the “Book of Eli” into a positive environment, so that it’s words would be accepted.  It was a great movie (though pretty violent) that shows how one man and his faith can change a world.

Here is the trailor:  The Book of Eli



2 responses to “The Book of Eli…

  • Jeff

    SPOILER ALERT: The reason the Bibles were burned was because religion was viewed as the root cause of the war.

    It hints at how religion is often times used as a mechanism of control or as justification for performing a particular act.

    I also enjoyed the movie and I’m a HUGE post-apocalyptic nut.

  • thejourneyofaman

    I saw the movie and I didn’t care for it because it makes a mockery of the bible and borders on denying God’s directive about worship of any pagan, or graven image. God is a jealous God and dosn’t give any leway on the subject. He and only He, are the only ones to be revered, and statues, icons, chains, crosses, medalions or pictures are of the Devil when substituted for Him in any way.

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