Thanksgiving and Conflict?

So, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Most of us will enjoy our evenings with family and some of the best food we will eat all year.  On the other hand, people on a small island off the coast of South Korea live in fear as they were attacked by North Korea.  You know, I just don’t understand, why North Korea and the Pyongyang regime is the way it is.  There are different ways to rule a country like there are different ways to rule a household.   In some houses, the parents work with the child to provide proper guidance and help them become a productive and respected member of society.  In other households, the parents or one parent puts so much fear in a child, that that the child will never do wrong and even praise his parent as a good parent.  It may not be the case, but out of fear the child will always respond with a yes, when asked if he loves his abusive parent.
The Pyongyang regime that rules North Korea does the same and is that abusive parent to their citizens.  If you ever get a chance to watch Lisa Ling’s National Geographic special about her journey into North Korea….. I recommend it.  It is very informative and it will blow your mind.  I have posted the program if interested.  In any case, I just wish that country would calm down.  What is their freaking problem?  I may be oblivious to what really goes on there or the circumstances that push North Korea to the point where they do this kind of thing, but my lord…. please just try to live peacefully with your neighbors.
Anyhow, we will see how this situation turns out over the weekend.  For now, we all need to enjoy the 4 day weekend with our families!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



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